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School Results 2016

The following represents the published results from the Department for Education (DFE). Click the link below to access the DFE Performance Tables (please check the year on the results as they don't always update at the same time as our website).

We are delighted with our results. They have given us a Fischer Family Trust Attainment ranking of 'very high' 3... meaning if you line up 100 schools we would have the 3rd highest results. You can see how our results compare to all schools nationally in the graphs below. 

Phonics: Pupils in Year 1 receive a phonics screening check. This is to ensure all pupils get the best start to their education. In 2016 Reepham school had a pass rate of 96%. We were delighted to receive a letter from the Department for Education, which states we are in the top 8% of schools nationally!

Key Stage 2 Results:

We are delighted to have received a letter from the Department for Education confirming our Maths results were in the top 2% Nationally, see a break down of our results below.

Scaled and Progress Scores

The new SATs test gave pupils a scaled score. Pupils were expected to achieve a scaled score of 100 in each individual subject to be working at age expectation. 

We were delighted to have high average scale scores across all of the external marked tests:

Reading 108

Grammar and Spelling: 109

Maths: 109

The tests also gave a progress score for individual pupils. We are happy to report all our progress scores were positive with Reading +1  Writing +1.1  Maths +2.8

Key Stage 1 Results: 


In the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Year), 80% of our cohort reached a good level of development compared with 67% Nationally (2015 National Data).