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Parent Survey 2016/17

Thank you for completing this years Parent Survey.

100% of Parents say their child enjoys school!!!

Comments included:

"Extremely happy with the family atmosphere."

"We are looking forward to many happy years ahead!"

"My child is very happy."

"Children are motivated to learn."

"Behaviour in the school is really good."

"My child has strong friendship groups."

"A very approachable and enthusiastic headteacher."

"We are very happy with the school."

"A big thank you to everyone."


The full results are below:

1. My child enjoys school (i.e. trip, Wow days, clubs, they like coming to school) 

[ 87%] Strongly Agree   [13% ]  Agree   


2. My child is well taught (i.e. they like their teacher, they make progress, they think school is fun) 

[79% ] Strongly Agree   [ 21%] Agree 


3. My child achieves well (i.e. from their starting point they have come on, they are encouraged to do their best, they are well engaged, intervention is timely) 

[ 79%] Strongly Agree   [21% ] Agree 


4. My child gets the right amount of homework for their age (i.e. it matches expectation, homework helps us support them, this was an area we followed up last years survey- we put in place a new homework policy- does this work better?) 

[ 63%] Strongly Agree  [33%] Agree      [4% ] Disagree 

Any comments about your child's learning: 

‘My child loves coming to school.’ ‘Good mixture of maths, english and other topics.’ ‘Teachers are very helpful.’ ‘I’m very impressed with my child's progress.’ ‘All my children are learning at a rapid pace.’ ‘I am very pleased.’ 

Homework comments: ‘The homework amount is perfect for getting the in a routine.’ ‘I think longer is needed to do the homework as there can be a lot.’ ‘I think my child can handle more homework.’ ‘Other countries give out more homework.’


5. I believe my child is safe at school (i.e. school security is good, there is someone for my child to talk to if they are worried, any concerns I have had have been dealt with) 

[ 84%] Strongly Agree [16% ] Agree  


Any comments about safeguarding: 

‘I trust the staff.’  ‘School genuinely cares about the welfare of our children.’  ‘Mrs Salton looks after them really well.’ ‘My child feels safe at school.’ ‘The staff and Mr Randall go above and beyond with any issues.’ ‘Mr Randall is usually on the door in the morning, when parents are allowed in early, but if he’s not I do wonder if pupils could walk out or if someone could walk in?’ ‘Wednesday mornings when staff have a meeting there isn’t always a teacher in the class until near the bell.’

6. Behaviour in the school is genuinely good (i.e. behaviour is well managed, concerns are dealt with, pupils show good manners) 

[ 76%] Strongly Agree   [23% ] Agree        [ ] Disagree         [ 1%] Strongly Disagree


7. My child does not have a problem with bullying or being excluded by their peers (i.e. for the way they look, their religion, their life choices) 

[ 74%] Strongly Agree [ 24%] Agree         [ 2%] Disagree 

Any comments about behaviour: ‘Behaviour in the school is really good.’ ‘I’m always impressed with the manners in the school.’  ‘My child talks to me about the values Mr Randall says they have to have.’ 


8. The school is well led and managed (i.e. the school is moving forward, the headteacher listens and deals with matters effectively) 

[ 80%] Strongly Agree [ 19%] Agree 


9. The school governing body is effective (i.e. their newsletters communication is good, school priorities are clear, the school is making progress) 

[59% ] Strongly Agree [38% ] Agree [ 1%] Disagree [2% ] Not Sure

Any comments about school leadership: 

‘I’m confident in the school management.’   ‘Governors newsletter is good.’  ‘Mr Randall is very approach and effectively sorted out some questions we had.’ ‘Headteacher deals with issues in a personal way.’  ‘I don’t know anything about the governors or their newsletter.’  ‘New parents don’t always know how things work so communication could be a bit more clear.’


10. Technology is well used by the school (i.e. new parent app/ Facebook/ website/ Twitter keep you informed, pupils learning is enhanced by technology) 

[ 77%] Strongly Agree [23% ] Agree 

Any comments about technology:  ‘We really love tapestry in Reception.’ ‘The new app works great.’ ‘Twitter feed is still my first port of call.’ ‘Our child teaches us new things with the computer.’ ‘ Website not always up to date.’ 


11. My child feels part of a Church School family (i.e. they enjoy assemblies/Collective Worship, they like visiting couch, RE, the school values are clear) 

[ 80%] Strongly Agree [19% ] Agree  


12. My child is encouraged to be healthy and participate in a range of sporting activities (i.e. active clubs are available, PE is good, use of coaches, healthy snacks and meals) 

[78% ] Strongly Agree [ 22%] Agree 


Any other additional comments: 

‘Lovely school.’   ‘We are looking forward to more happy years ahead.’  ‘We enjoy the ethos of the school.’    ‘Sports week is my child's yearly highlight.’  ‘I like the way the coaches are part of the school.’  ‘ There is a great family feel.’  ‘We love the buddy system.’   ‘I couldn’t ask for more.’ ‘Excellent academic and pastoral care- thank you’. ‘Our child is keen to learn and continues to make progress.’ Exceptional teaching and support staff in this school.’ ‘Children are well motivated to learn.’ ‘Staff obviously work hard and this makes the school successful- thank you.’ ‘Extremely happy with the family attitude and approach to everything in school.’ ‘Thank you all for your hard work and effort.’   ‘There is a great family feel.’ ‘Could pupils in reception go on the field more, they should be using the mud kitchen.’ ‘I don’t know what books my child in key stage 2 should be reading at home can we get a list of relevant books.’