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Our Vision, Values and Strategy 

We are a family!

Every member of our community is part of our school family. We welcome everybody into our family with open arms and a large heart. We know that we are stronger together. We will support each other in times of need and encourage everyone to be the best they can. 

Reepham Church of England School aims to ensure all children are best prepared for life...

We do this by following our school strategy and respecting our church school values which are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our School Strategy  

Our school strategy was created by inviting all of our school family and the wider community to contribute. This included parents, pupils, staff, governors, the Church and members of the parish council. You will see the voice of different groups represented on our Stratergy. It has 4 distinct objectives which underpin all that we do, click the image to enlarge.


We aim to ensure that all of our children are best prepared for life by:

- Offering the highest quality teaching and learning,

- Living and sharing our Christian values,

- Caring for and supporting all members of our school family,

- Collaborating and innovating with others to ensure that we grow together.

Our Church School Values

As a church school we regularly think about the teachings of Jesus Christ and reflect on our own actions. This includes having strong links to our local church and having daily acts of Collective Worship. We think about acceptance and how we are stronger together.

We previously invited all members of our community to say what it meant to them to be part of a Church of England school. We used the findings to decide on 6 key values which we focus on throughout the year. Click on the image to enlarge. If you see a member of our school family showing any of our values, you can let us know by completing the form on the home page.

Our Local Church


St Peter & St Paul's Church in Reepham Village is our local Anglican Church. We often go there for services and special events. Reverand Penny Green is an important member of our school family, coming into school not only to lead Collective Worships and speak to the children, but also to be a friend to all. 

You can take part in one of the following services held at St Peter & St Paul's Church in Reepham:


Morning Praise
 Every second Sunday at 9:15 AM for 50 minutes
Holy Communion
 Every fourth Sunday at 9:15 AM for 1 hour
Messy Church
 Every first Sunday at 4:00 PM for 1½ hours
Family Worship
 Every third Sunday at 4:00 PM for 1 hour

Values in Action

We have a Community Larder on our premises where we take donations throughout the year for local charities. We often work with the Nomad Trust and Homeless Charities in Lincoln. We also support local families in need.






We also work closely with the charity Lincs-2-Napel. The children run a committee which raises money and is paying for the education of 2 children in Napel Ayush and Aruhi. They are only able to attend because of our support. 






In Collective Worship pupils are invited to log their thoughts and feelings. We also have an Awe & Wonder Committee made up of pupils from different faiths who not only plan and lead Worships but also have meetings with school leadership to give feedback on how faith is represented in school.



Being a Church of England schools, means we are part of the Anglican Church family. You can find more information out about our local Diocese here:

Attending a Church of England school means you are part of a family bigger than the school itself. In school we follow Anglican Liturgy meaning we have a daily act of Collective Worship, we use Bible stories and we see prayer as a way of talking to God. 

We do not exclude anyone based on faith, and being part of our Reepham school family means you are in a place where you can talk safely about individual beliefs. Many of our families are of different faiths and we are a richer and more understanding community thanks to this. 


Our Bishop's Visitor spends an afternoon in school every fortnight and is a powerful link between Church and School.