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Lincoln Cathedral Downloadable Homework. You may have been asked to do this homework, or you may choose to do it off your own initiative

Lincoln Cathedral

ibooks format: If you have an ipad or an Apple Mac and have the free app ibooks you can download the interactive ibook. It has videos and links to the internet. 

It is also now possible to read an ibook on any computer that uses Google Chrome, but you need to install the free google app 'readium'.


PDF: This is a print out of the interactive book, the challenges are still there but the interactive bits don't work. You can view it on any device. 

File icon: pdf cathedral PDF for reading [pdf 9MB] Click to download
File icon: ibooks Cathedral ebook [ibooks 17MB] Click to download

03 Jun 2014 07:09:22 PM

):!!!yolo ed.b!!!(:

I like homework when you get to type it


01 Jun 2014 01:39:17 PM

Emily Bacon.

i like the poster homework best

30 May 2014 04:10:36 PM


Yay I love homework,

Thank you .

24 May 2014 01:59:43 PM


I love homework

23 May 2014 05:55:27 PM


Thanks for the homework :-) :-)