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Parent Survey 2018/19

Thank you for completing this years Parent Survey. We had over 70% returned- thank you!

100% of Parents say their child enjoys school!!!

100% of Parents say their child is safe at school!

100% of Parents say their child is achieving!

Comments included:

"A smilie school."

"A great family feel."

"Teachers go the extra mile."

"Mr Randall is really approachable and shows a genuine interest in children lives."

"Love the school, you are fab!"


The full results are below:

1. My child enjoys school 

[ 85%] Strongly Agree   [15% ]  Agree   


2. My child is well taught (i.e. they like their teacher, they make progress, they think school is fun) 

[ 85% ] Strongly Agree    [ 14%] Agree      [ 1%] Not Sure        


3. My child achieves well (i.e. from their starting point they have come on, they are encouraged to do their best, they are well engaged, intervention is timely) 

[ 79%] Strongly Agree     [ 21% ] Agree 


4. My child gets the right amount of homework for their age (i.e. it matches expectation, homework helps us support them, this was an area we followed up last years survey- we put in place a new homework policy- does this work better?) 

[ 49%] Strongly Agree    [ 38%] Agree       [ 11%] Not Sure       [ 1% ] Disagree 


5. I believe my child is safe at school (i.e. school security is good, there is someone for my child to talk to if they are worried, any concerns I have had have been dealt with) 

[ 91%] Strongly Agree   [ 9% ] Agree  


6. Behaviour in the school is genuinely good (i.e. behaviour is well managed, concerns are dealt with, pupils show good manners) 

[ 90%] Strongly Agree   [ 9% ] Agree    [ 1%] Not Sure      


7. My child does not have a problem with bullying or being excluded by their peers (i.e. for the way they look, their religion, their life choices) 

[ 82%] Strongly Agree   [ 9%] Agree   [ 1%] Not Sure        


8. The school is well led and managed (i.e. the school is moving forward, the headteacher listens and deals with matters effectively) 

[ 83%] Strongly Agree    [ 16%] Agree   [ 1%] Not Sure


9. The school governing body is effective (i.e. their newsletters communication is good, school priorities are clear, the school is making progress) 

[66% ] Strongly Agree    [ 29% ] Agree   [6% ] Not Sure    


10. Technology is well used by the school (i.e. new parent app/ Facebook/ website/ Twitter keep you informed, pupils learning is enhanced by technology) 

[ 68%] Strongly Agree   [ 30% ] Agree   [ 6%] Not Sure


11. My child feels part of a Church School family (i.e. they enjoy assemblies/Collective Worship, they like visiting couch, RE, the school values are clear) 

[ 68%] Strongly Agree    [ 30% ] Agree  [ 2%] Not Sure


12. My child is encouraged to be healthy and participate in a range of sporting activities (i.e. active clubs are available, PE is good, use of coaches, healthy snacks and meals) 

[76% ] Strongly Agree   [ 19%] Agree   [ 5% ] Not Sure


Any other additional comments: 

I like twitter updates, lets have more.

A smilie school.

Lovely school. Fabulous staff led by an excellent head.

I hear the children would like more equipment for playtimes as it gets old and damaged.

All my children love coming to school.

Children are encouraged to do their best.

Children enjoy practical learning.

Teachers lead from the front.

The school is great and a testament to brilliant staff and pupils.

We are grateful for all you do

My child is really positive about their new class.

Teachers go the extra mile.

Mr Randall is really approachable and shows a genuine interest in children lives.

Really pleased with their progress

My children look forward school.

Claire in the office is really caring.

We are constantly impressed with all that you do.

A great family feel.

Love the school, you are fab!


The survey has also given us somethings to further consider:

We think it is a great idea to have a ‘new starter’ page on our website and this is something we will be implementing.

Homework continues to be the area with the most diverse comments; these range from ‘We would like more,’ to ‘we don’t agree with homework.’ After a previous Survey with similar results, we followed it up with a further detailed questionnaire specifically on Homework. This formned the basis of our current policy. Please look at the 'Homework' tab on the left and read the 'Homework Introduction' section for more information.  If the expectations don’t match your experience you are invited to please inform the school and we consider any views as we update our policies.