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Pupil Survey Results

Reepham C of E Primary is everybody's school... Pupil voice is important to us, as pupils who are happy at school and have shared ownership of the school, will succeed further!

Here are the results from our latest pupil survey:

No child said they don’t get on with their teacher!


94% of our pupils think there is no bullying and all pupils are treated the same regardless of age, religion, gender or ethnicity.


92% of our pupils say they can talk to their teacher if they have any kind of problem.


92% of our pupils say they can talk to the head teacher if they have a problem.


96% of our pupils feel safe in school.


94% of Pupils in Key Stage 2 like the new structure of staying in year groups for literacy and maths.


70% of pupils like homework and think they get the correct amount. 


Only 3% of pupils said they didn't like going to school.