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Admissions Policy

Reepham C of E Primary School follow Lincolnshire County Councils Admission Policy


Pupils who will be five between 1 September and the following 31 August are admitted to school in September at the start of the Autumn Term.  
There is a co-ordinated scheme for first admissions. Parents can refer to the Co-ordinated Scheme Booklet about starting school, “Going to School in Lincolnshire” or

The Local Authority (LA) controls our admission arrangements.  In the Autumn Term before the year in which your child is due to start you will receive a copy of the Going to School in Lincolnshire Brochure outlining all details and a form to register your child.  Places must be applied for before by the date specified by the County Council.

Places for schools will be offered to parents around March and are orgnised by the Local Authority. 

Our published admission number (PAN) is 25.  If fewer than 25 children apply, then all children will be offered a place.  If more than 25 children apply the LA's policy follows a certain criteria:

  1. The child is in the care of the Local Authority.
  2. There is a certain need which the school can meet.
  3. There is a sibling at the school who will still be attending when the child is due to start.
  4. The school is the nearest one to the home address.

The following will be taken into consideration in the order below:
i.    Whether this is the school closest to the home address (measured as in (ii) below)
ii.    Driving distance from home to school. The distance measured electronically by the L.A. from the post office address point of the home to the post office address point of the school.

Where there are insufficient places parents will be informed by letter and will have the right of appeal.
The Governors have agreed to keep a reserve list for mid-year admissions. This list must be ranked according to the County Council over subscription criteria. If a place becomes available, because the year group drops to the one below the published admission number (PAN), that place must be offered first to the child ranked highest on the list, and then, if necessary, to the other children on the list in rank order until it is filled.

The reserve list is only held to the end of the academic year in which the application was made, after this time another application must be made. 

At the beginning of the Summer Term before children start school, parents are invited to attend a meeting for new parents. At the meeting there is an opportunity to meet our Foundation Stage Staff and look round the Foundation Stage Department. We issue a special pre-school pack to all parents and arrange some dates when children will spend time in the Foundation Stage Class before starting school. Visiting the School before term begins helps children to settle in quickly and smoothly once term starts.


As the school follows the Local Authority Admissions criteria, it can be changed and superceed any information the school gives out. 

Please visit Lincolnshire County Councils Admissions website at the link below: